You are Walliam Pompadompopolis: Walrus Morpher!

Illustration of Walliam Pompadompopolis the Walrus

In The Experiment of Professor Polgas, WALLIAM POMPADOMPOPOLIS is the quintessential walrus personality. A jovial and successful baker of cakes to the queen, he is perfectly friendly and delightful until he hears something that raises his hackles; then, his spirit animal truly comes out.

Confident, ambitious and physically on the large side, ambition is very important to the walrus personality. Like Walliam, you play to win and, at times, others may appear intimidated by this. But once you have succeeded in your achievements you truly are pleasant and charming people, enjoying social gatherings and throwing marvelous parties. A good speaker and natural leader, a walrus is always happy to pass along sound advice. On the negative side, when riled you can truly be a force to be reckoned with! Your temper knows no bounds and everyone would do well to mind out for those tusks!