You are Leroy Lefaux - the Snake Morpher!

Leroy Lefaux the Snake

In the book, The Experiment of Professor Polgas, LEROY LEFAUX is the Snake Morpher. A private individual who avoids the company of others, he has his own agenda and is willing to do anything to ensure that his plans succeed.

Like LeFaux, you are cunning, shrewd and clever. Snakes do not rush into decisions, but instead think carefully about putting their plans into action; this serves them well, particularly when up against those who are unable to keep their emotions in check. Snakes do not seek the limelight, instead preferring to watch behind the scenes and pull the strings where possible. Others may find them charming and smooth talking; but they are careful about what they reveal and with whom they place their trust. Ambition is important: patience gives them the insight to know that good things come to those who wait.