You are Janus Renzo - the Tiger Morpher!

Janus Renzo the Tiger

JANUS RENZO represents the Tiger Morpher. Handsome, mysterious and charming, his powerful magnetism is felt by all who come into his presence. He has a cool head and his intelligent minds holds a soft spot for one of the other Morphers in the story.

Like Janus, you are powerful, striking and at times a little dangerous. Tigers are unquestionably attractive thanks to their sleek good looks. But they have a side that is often hidden in the early days of a relationship. People must earn their trust, and to do this they must prove themselves worthy of it. Tigers can come across as mysterious at times, but once someone has penetrated their steely exterior, they can be as playful as kittens; friendships and relationships can be incredibly exciting! Their fearsome aura means people know not to mess with them; no one would like to be on the receiving end of those claws.