You are Gregory Gagumba - the Mole Morpher!

Illustration of Gregory Gagumba the Mole

GREGORY GAGUMBA is the Mole Morpher. He is assistant to Professor Polgas and worships him. Gagumba is often viewed as pompous by the others, but he is deeply committed to the professor and will do everything in his power to preserve his accomplishments.

Resourceful, rotund and with a flair for dramatics, those whose inner beast is the MOLE are at times prone to panic, and capable of losing their heads in a split-second. But despite their penchant for this, they are highly reliable and work hard to carry plans through. Moles can be rather solitary at times, but will seek the company of others when there is a mission to be accomplished or important work to be done. Like Gagumba, others may find you odd on occasion​, but moles are dedicated individuals who will ultimately do what is right and will always find the courage to stand by their convictions.