You are Dinah Exconde -- the Beaver Morpher!

Dinah Exconde illustration from the book The Experiment of  Professor Polgas

DINAH EXCONDE represents the beaver in The Experiment of Professor Polgas. Good-natured, laid-back and happy to help where possible, Dinah is living proof that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Her best friend is Wolf Morpher, Blaise Fernwright, and at times her calm water-based nature helps cool her friend's fiery disposition.

Hard-working, patient and non-confrontational is the essence of the beaver's inner beast. While others may be off fighting battles or solving problems to the great mysteries of life, beavers are perfectly happy to live serenely and comfortably in their humble abodes. Seeking neither glory or status, others adore them for the kindly and welcoming atmosphere they provide; whether a friendly sympathetic ear or a freshly brewed cup of tea for a woebegone friend, the beaver's door is always open to the downtrodden, disheartened or down-in-the-dumps.