You are Blaise Fernwright the Wolf Morpher!

Blaise Fernwright illustration from the book The Experiment of  Professor Polgas

BLAISE FERNWRIGHT is the Wolf Morpher, a heroine of the story who is not afraid to take risks and very often protects the others from bullies and other unsavoury characters. She can be fiery and hot-tempered, which sometimes gets her into trouble, but her courage is respected and appreciated by those who refuse to go where angels dare not tread.

Tough, straight-talking and unfailingly loyal to those they hold dear, the wolf is able to walk alone or with a pack, and has an independent streak while maintaining a strong degree of camaraderie among its peers. At times, its biting tongue can cause others to flinch and run for cover, but beneath that tough coat beats a heart of gold and they would do anything to protect their friends and family.