What Professor Polgas Animal are You?

In Sarah Brownlee's popular novel 'The Experiment of Professor Polgas' the mad but genius professor has created a formula that gives someone the ability to transform into their inner beast at will - their spirit animal!

Find out what YOU would be if you took part in the experiment and suddenly discovered you could turn into a four-legged, furry or flighty beast. This is what Professor Polgas did to a select group of volunteers - with the most extraordinary results. What animal would you have been?

If you were an animal, what would you be? This is the question Blaise, Ash and Dinah unexpectedly stumble upon during the summer holidays when they enter a strange internet café and a mysterious woman asks them to take an online test to discover their inner beast. They are happy to oblige. Online tests are always fun and this one comes with its own special perks. But what they don’t realise is that not far away, in the heart of London, a mad professor is watching them. Professor Polgas is preparing something; something that will change them forever; something that will have them on the run for their very lives.

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