You are a Wolverine Survivalist! (The Spartan)

Picture of a Wolverine


The most distinguishing feature of a wolverine personality is its extraordinary physical and emotional strength and its tenacious approach to life's challenges. Small to medium sized individuals, they walk and talk as if they own the world -- and their powerfully built bodies and dominating personalities back down for no one. Wolverines will confidently enter the territory of others and woe betide anyone who blocks their path. Like most carnivores, wolverines stay in shape with regular physical activity and are well dressed and precisely groomed but because of their small size, they sometimes feel the need to assert themselves to gain the respect accorded the larger carnivores. However, the wolverine's tendency to bite off more than it can chew often results in an overestimation of its capabilities. With the heart of a tiger, tenacity is both its greatest asset and biggest downfall. The wolverine is highly regarded as a leader, especially by the smaller animal personalities, but their physical stature can limit their political ambitions. This doesn't deter them from running races they are destined to lose, however. Wolverines are opportunists and sometimes team up in business with the more thoughtful animal personalities to help offset their impetuous natures, and as salespeople, they have few equals. As managers they are somewhat overbearing, but nonetheless fair and rational, and because they don't exhibit much of an ego, wolverines generate a great deal of respect from their peers.


Wolverine personalities show no fear, even when they really should. And although they have unbreakable confidence in their own competence, they make great Preppers. A wolverine is the type of Prepper who may look at a list of what to collect for an emergency bag, then make their own list that includes their own design for a solar energy system and backyard bunkers. Creative with their hands, wolverines can usually MacGyver their way out of any disaster scenario without ever having to read the manual. Perhaps a little too independent, the wolverine can be such a loner that if they have a family, they may do all the Prepping to protect the family while forgetting to actually include them in the bunker.