You are a Walrus Survivalist! (The Adaptor)

Picture of a Walrus


These apparently benign individuals are usually easy to recognize. When you think of walruses, think of large people sunning perfectly rounded bellies at the beach or luxuriating in a La-Z-Boy. Either way, the walrus is that jolly uncle at the family reunion who dispenses charm and off-color jokes like donuts.

Ahh, donuts! Walruses have an unrelenting sweet tooth and a weakness for home cooking, and though they might seem comfortable with their roly-poly physiques, one shouldn't overdo the teasing. Underneath that thick skin is a surprisingly sensitive soul. But, still, it's difficult to embarrass a walrus. Nothing in life is taken so seriously that it cannot be laughed at, and this infectious love for life contaminates everyone who has unprotected encounters with this hearty beast. Walruses are not to be trifled with, however, and they can be cantankerous and aggressive when slighted. Mostly however, their bark is worse than their bite and their big-hearted natures soon reassert themselves. Although it is comfortable in large groups of people, the walrus is self-contained and respects the privacy of others. It is happiest when surrounded by the comforts of home and feels no need to travel far afield. Although walruses perceive work to be a complete waste of time, they make methodical and consistent employees and perform best in jobs demanding reliability and an understanding of the big picture. They function poorly under deadlines and prefer careers that enable them to work at their own pace, particularly as engineers, government workers, food inspectors or managers.


It’s not uncommon for a Walrus Prepper to have some sort of physical disability. This could be age, weight or loss of mobility, but it’s often the reason that the Walrus Prepper is highly motivated to prove that they can take care of themselves. It’s this distaste for relying on others that makes walruses capable Preppers. Once introduced to the right tools and ideas that can adapt to their personal situation, Walruses are great Preppers. They are highly intuitive and confident relying on their street smarts rather than others.