You are a Squirrel Survivalist! (The Zealot)

Picture of a Squirrel


Squirrel personalities go through life with a certain kind of swagger. Not a wolf or wolverine’s aggressive swagger, mind you, but one that says “I’m unafraid to take on challenges”. Still, squirrels are careful to size up the competition and won’t hesitate to withdraw when they feel overmatched, and this is why -- like most insectivorous creatures -- squirrels are wary of strangers and anxious to turn them into allies.

If the word "mischievous" reminds you of anyone, then chances are that you have a squirrel in your life. Petite, attractive and intelligent, this creature's free time is spent playing socially bonding games with friends and family and -- as is typical of social animals -- they are generous and unselfish with their time. Squirrels derive a great deal of pleasure from nature and return the favor by conscientiously recycling and encourage their community to do the same. A defining characteristic of squirrel personalities is that their personal lives are extremely well organized and methodical, and their careers well-planned and largely successful. Squirrels love music and dancing and are creative and enthusiastic individuals who take pleasure in making their loved ones happy.


Squirrel Survivalists have an unfair reputation for being hoarders... but it’s just that they never want to be caught with their pants down. They are impulse shoppers, however, and will purchase items with no idea how to implement a plan. This is why they’ll often become overwhelmed with the complexities of Prepping. Instead of gathering focus, they’re easily swayed to purchase the latest gadgets and supplies without really knowing if they are needed.

Still, they simply do not care what you think. The squirrel never gives up and they are bright and quick-minded creatures who can artfully extricate themselves from difficult situations -- although they are sometimes so focused on the task at hand that they ignore the needs of their families and friends. Other Preppers tend to avoid loaning out their tools to squirrels, because their important items have a habit of simply disappearing.