You are a Raven Survivalist! (The Artful Dodger)

Picture of a Raven


Universally admired for their sharp intelligence, ravens have a striking presence that exudes confidence and energy. As is typical of bird personalities, their high metabolisms make them edgy and unable to remain in one place for long, and nothing gets their juices flowing more than an intellectual or physical challenge.

Ravens tend to be sleek and well groomed. They do not adjust well to repetitive work. When they find themselves in this predicament, they become unsettled and perform poorly, unless they find a way to make the work more creative and challenging.

Ravens can definitely be show-offs, but they don't have quite the same preoccupation with physical beauty as peacocks. Instead, they prefer to impress others with their abilities, like card tricks and setting sports records. This is perhaps why, unlike the more powerful eagle personality, the thought of flying solo terrifies them. It's not that they can't survive without friends and family, but it’s hard to be the smartest guy in the room when there’s no one else around!

If there’s a downside to being a raven personality, it’s that they tend to be flighty and emotionally jittery. Avoiding commitment, they prefer to keep moving, often for no other reason than the sheer joy of exploration. They are consummate voyeurs and are always collecting information about themselves and their neighbors.


A Raven Prepper is the type of Survivalist who sees the big picture and instinctively knows how to manipulate it to benefit themselves. Highly analytical and intelligent, the Raven Prepper would rather talk their way out of a disaster scenario, rather than bully their way out. The Raven Prepper enjoys the company of other Preppers as long as they can see the benefit of the relationship. With extreme confidence in their ability to control situations and others, they don't like solo Prepping. With this reliance on others, the Raven Prepper can get into trouble when real disasters hit because they didn't do enough of the hard work themselves and they find themselves alone and without a plan. One of the most endearing things about the them? You will never be bored if you find yourself stuck in a shelter with a Raven, and you will probably learn a card trick or two.

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