You are a Peacock Survivalist! (The Showman)

Picture of a Peacock


Peacocks have certainly developed a taste for being at the center of attention -- craving the balm of constant praise and reassurance – and a great deal of their time is spent perfecting strategies that can enhance their personal status and good looks. This is perhaps why peacocks are often targeted for unkind remarks, but even they are dimly aware of their own narcissism and accept this criticism as an inevitable consequence of being a peacock, at heart, a peacock is an exhibitionist who enjoys nothing more than showing off. A great deal of money is spent in the pursuit of designer labels and branded items, and whether it's shopping for clothes or hanging out at the gym to improve its already attractive body, its preening borders on the obsessive. As its beauty dims later in life, a peacock might reexamine its priorities, return to school and learn a new trade, and many peacocks evolve different animal personalities to better cope with the fading of their luster as middle age approaches.


A Peacock Survivalist is the type of person who buys only the best and most expensive gear and brands. You’re likely to find a full makeup kit or grooming scissors in their emergency bags. It’s all about looking good – even when Armageddon is at hand. This is why peacocks tend to buy a lot of unnecessary gear and clothing without a solid idea of how to prepare or survive a disaster. Compounding the problem is that due to the peacock’s large ego, they have difficulty accepting when they are wrong. So if you’ve teamed up with a Peacock Prepper, be aware they will be the first to back out of a plan when it gets difficult or is taking too much time from the good things in life. And yet... although they might be a drain on other Preppers, because they don't take lifes problems too seriously, they will contribute by bringing sunshine into the darkest of situations.