You are a Lamb Survivalist! (The Loyalist)

Picture of a Lamb


The affable and meek nature of lamb personalities may evoke derision from carnivorous personalities, but it gets grudging respect from its fellow herbivores. Lambs have no real defense mechanisms other than the safety of numbers, so they huddle in the suburbs with like-minded individuals, pooling resources and raising families. They tend to be conservative, seeking comfort in the collective reassurance of a social group or church where they are quite content to be labeled as flock. Lamb personalities hate making decisions, and preferring to defer to their partners or pastors. While this may help the lamb maintain a superficial sense of well-being, it leads to the loss of identity that typifies the lamb persona. Their reputation for lack of vision and ambition is well deserved. Largely disinterested in politics --viewing it as time taken from work -- lambs respect the law and rarely question authority. This leaves them susceptible to the whims of stronger personalities. But like most things in life, lambs turn this into their advantage by utilizing the protection and guidance provided by these stronger personalities.

Physically, lambs are nondescript. Dressing conservatively (in wool coats?), they draw as little attention as possible, and as a defense mechanism, they utilize their strong herding instinct. Safety in numbers and the pooling of resources more than make up for the lamb's vulnerabilities. Lamb are tireless and valued workers with the ability to spend hours on monotonous tasks. Skilled at taking direction, their ability to concentrate makes them outstanding accountants, research assistants or secretaries, but they are rarely found in leadership roles and would even turn down promotions if it were to remove them from the safety of the herd.


Lambs are natural fretters and tend to have the nagging feeling that something should be done to prep for emergencies. But they’re not the type to take an active role in Prepping, so if you’re a lamb, you’ll want to be told precisely what to do. And this is why you’re better off purchasing items in kit form – like first aid and food kits. You’ll also need reminders to rotate your survival food and replace expired items; otherwise you’ll probably forget to do it. With your strong instinct for loyalty, it may be a good idea to team up with a wolf Prepper who can alert you to possibilities that you hadn’t even imagined. Without the support of a stronger personality, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the task and prematurely give up on preparing for disaster.