You are a Dove Survivalist! (The Peacemaker)

Picture of a Dove


Doves, along with their close relatives, pigeons, are one of the most successful species of birds for a reason. They are survivors who are a little more skittish than most and avoid trouble at all costs while quietly going about their business.

Physically, doves aren't much to write home about. They tend to dress conservatively and draw as little attention to themselves as possible, although they do conform to traditional standards of beauty. No one would ever call a dove ugly, but they won't be paying much attention if, say, a peacock personality is at the party.

If the affable and meek nature of the dove personality evokes some derision from more aggressive animal personalities, it gets respect because of its association with peace. As the symbol of coming together in harmony, doves are released on many occasions to symbolize cooperation and non-aggression, which is perhaps why -- when it comes to their personal lives -- doves make friends so easily. However, their relationships can sometimes be a bit shallow, even if the dove doesn't see it that way.

The dove's reputation for being a little air-headed is well deserved, for they don't pay much attention to politics or current events and never question authority. It's not so much that they respect the system; it's just that they have better things to think about. Doves assume the best of everyone, which can leave them vulnerable to scams, but their level-headedness usually wins the day.


Dove Preppers are not exactly excited about the idea of Prepping because the thought of defending their home, hurting someone, or violence of any kind, is highly distasteful. This is the reason that Dove Preppers view many Prepping sites as dark and uncomfortable places. Dove Preppers are full of light and want everyone to get along. With their sensitive personalities, and quiet, artistic tendancies, Doves can be easily overwhelmed by Prepping. The Dove Prepper tends to think about the needs of everyone around them, not just themselves, and they often put others ahead of their own needs. But once a Dove accepts the merits of Prepping and can convince themselves to first take care of their own Prepping needs before they can help others, the Dove Prepper can be a great Prepper.

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