You are a Deer Survivalist! (The Olympian)

Picture of a Deer


The beautiful and delicate deer personality is a prime example of a prey species with few defenses other than a nimble mind and agile body. Deer must be constantly on the lookout for danger, which is perhaps why deer personalities tend to be active with little excess body fat and excel at most athletic pursuits. Their athleticism and grace create a fine first impression, even if some might find them to be scatterbrained and emotionally taxing. It might be too callous to describe them as schizophrenic, but their behavior is certainly difficult to predict.

With their propensity to withdraw emotionally for fear of getting hurt, deer often struggle to settle down. Its quest for a balanced life goads it into wildly emotional searches and stability may take the form of solitude or a relationship. But more often than not, sanctuary is found in strong spiritual beliefs.

Deer spend much time in the company of like-minded individual and enjoy nothing better than quietly ruminating while the world goes by. The outdoors is where they feel most comfortable, and they appreciate the freedom of wide open spaces where their graceful movements and love for music can express themselves.

When it comes to their work, deer are not known for their stability - often changing jobs while looking for long-term careers - partly because their relationships with their bosses are difficult. Most bosses tend to be larger, predatory animal personalities, which makes them nervous. Unless they are a member of a large team of workers, the resulting tensions can cause problems.


Deer Preppers survive well in extended family units. They rely on their close relationships to help make decisions on the best way to prepare for disasters. When it comes to survival, the Deer Prepper is quick-minded and physically adept, but is more likely to run from danger than confront it. Only when pushed against the wall will the Deer Prepper become aggressive. Deer Preppers have the ability to survive on almost anything they have in front of them. They are very adaptable and make good Preppers, although they probably won't have all the tools they need for the more challenging disaster situations. They are non-violent by nature but will readily pick up a gun if it means defending themselves or their families. The Deer Prepper is a Prepper to watch during pending disasters. Whatever they instinctively do, you should do the same.

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