You are a Bear Survivalist! (The Loner)

Picture of a Bear


Conflicting forces shape the bear's nature. It’s a classic omnivore which means that this burly beast exhibits two distinct sides to its personality. Its carnivorous side makes the bear gruff and powerful, while its herbivorous side reveals a sensitive and intelligent core. Their gruff, outgoing personalities, burly physiques and unyielding moods make bears easy to identify, and this natural confidence puts others on notice that a bear is in the vicinity. Bears require a great deal of personal space and, when entering a room, the tension level rises immediately. As youngsters, they excel in sports, although their propensity for laziness relegates them to being an observer and fan in later life. Familiar with the seduction of the couch, their ability to sleep soundly is legendary throughout the animal world.

Although alert and intelligent, the bear mostly succeeds through the sheer force of its personality. Rarely challenged to reach its full intellectual potential, it dominates conversation with its intense single-mindedness, although it’s unwilling to argue from a position that it doesn't truly believe in... which makes it a lousy lawyer. Two elements define the bear's style of debate: Never avoid an argument, and never back down. Bears will batter their opponents into submission just for the endorphin rush -- there's nothing a bear enjoys more than pitting every drop of its intellectual juices against the mind of a worthy opponent.


Bears are highly respected in the survival community but if there’s a downside, it’s that they are too content to function as loners. They have no problem with preparing for disaster, but avoid involving other Preppers... who may find out where they’re hiding their stash of supplies. They are strong willed and can survive almost any kind of disaster, but may be reluctant to accept help when it’s really needed. This is how bears get into trouble; they are so headstrong they will try and muscle their way through a disaster scenario instead of using their wits and community support. They don't necessarily buy a lot of gear because they simply think they don't need it, but when push comes to shove, you can count on a bear survivalist to lead you to safety.