How Would You Die In Game of Thrones?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

Would you rather be...


Do you believe in ghosts?

Picture of ghost and escalator

If you could have one superpower, it would be to...

Guy conducting lightning

What is your sex?

Sex symbols

You HAVE to choose one of these hobbies....

Hand stitched shirt

How do you feel about animals?

Picture of a cat's shadow

When it comes to religion...

Picture of christian burial grounds

If you had a personal logo, it would most likely be....

Person thinking of multiple logos

In your previous life in the Middle Ages, you were a....

Picture of medieval armor

Name the adjective that best describes you...

Independent woman silhouette

Some drunk tries to pick a fight with you. Do you...

Woman with boxing gloves punching man

When you've been hurt, how do you react?

Someone responding to stress

What season do you prefer the most?

Picture of trees in the fall

What are you most preoccupied with?

Outdoor activities

Choose a color pairing...

Color palette

Which subject interests you the least?

Picture of books

What kind of movie annoys you the most?

Picture of film projector